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Haposan Manullang
Jurusan Pendidikan Teknik Elektro FT Universitas Negeri Medan, Jln. Willem Iskandar Pasar V, Medan 20221



Computer-based virtual laboratory is an actual lab activity that moved
in  front  of  the  computer.  The  first  stage  in  this  study  was  to  assess  the  extent  of
readiness of Vocational High School of Technology-based learning can implement a
Virtual  Lab. In this case involving infrastructure, human resources. Competence of
graduates of vocational high schools, and analysis needs of the teachers have been
targeted in this study. The research method was survey research with as many as 7
where the number of SMK SMK SMK Private as much as 5 and as much as 2 by the
number of respondents (teachers) as much as 135. Instruments collecting data using
questionnaires and data are processed statistically descriptive study. Results showed
that  (1)  The  availability  of  computers  as  a  medium  of  learning  for  the  electronics
industry with sufficient available Virlab approach in implementing computer-based
learning.  However,  it  should  be  developed  to  match  the  number  of  students.  (2)
Teacher Vocational Technology in North Sumatra are less innovative in conducting
learning-based information technology and communications. (3) vocational teacher
competency  testing  in  North  Sumatra  in  the  field  of  ICT-based  learning  design
needs to be improved. (4) Software Utilization of electronic / electric has not been
utilized  in  the  classroom,  it  disebabkankan  lack  of  availability  of  the  software.  (5)
Teacher Vocational Technology in Medan North Sumatra are less motivated to take
the  teaching  materials  via  the  internet.  (6)  students'  com petence  in  the  field  of
electronics  industry  is  very  diverse  and  complex  it  is  necessary  to  supplement
Virlab-based learning to achieve it.

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Date Update : 19-04-2018